• $1 million in funding for the maintenance and improvement of Newton Pond Pond for all to enjoy.
  • Over a decade of enhanced reimbursement to Boylston for hosting the Municipal Police Training Academy.
  • Annually fights to obtain reimbursement from the state for the use of the Municipal Police Training facility in the town.
  • Secured over $2 million in state aid for the Tahanto Regional High School.
  • Each year obtains state compensation through the PILOT Program executed through the Dept of Conservation and Recreation, which in 2014 returned an approximate $595,000 to Boylston for the use of town owned land in the unfiltered water supply system.
  • Secured substantial appropriations for the Hill Side Restoration.
  • Acquired significant state funding funding for school improvements, such as the new Tahanto High School,  to ensure that every student in the community has access to the education they deserve in best facilities we can offer.
  • Enacted legislation, such as the Economic Development Act that aims to create jobs and invest in the community, that significantly lowered the unemployment rate to its current 5.1%.
  • Advocating for substantial funding to go towards the improvement and infrastructure renovation of Route 140.
  • Responsible for economic development legislation that helped draw Clinton Savings Bank and other businesses to Route 140.
  • Additionally, fought for State business assistance programs that helped  Phillips Precision to expand. These actions have expanded Boylston’s commercial tax base, helping to soften the impact upon residential property owners.
  • Negotiated and procured direct appropriation of $125,000 for the restoration and reuse of the John B. Gough Estate.

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