House Approves Statewide Funding for Municipal Police Training

Representative Harold Naughton joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in passing legislation that provides funding for municipal police training throughout the Commonwealth. Funding for training will be provided by a $2 surcharge imposed upon every vehicle rental contract made in Massachusetts. These surcharges are projected to provide up to $10 million in new revenue for police training programs.

“Providing our local officers with the funding they need in order to receive adequate training is essential to the safety of the Commonwealth. I want to thank Executive Director Mark Leahy and President Steve Wojnar of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association for their incredible efforts in getting this vital legislation passed, “ said Representative Naughton. “This is the result of years of tireless advocacy from the Mass Chiefs of Police Association and other law enforcement entities to secure a dedicated revenue stream for police training. This will ensure our officers in the Commonwealth have access to better training practices and resources as well as fulfill training mandates required by the state.  Training is critical for officers to safely do their jobs and it is more important than ever that we make sure our men and women in law enforcement get all the support they need to keep us all safe.”

The fully implemented assessment would relieve cities and towns from the $1.8 million in local funds they currently pay for police training and reduce the annual impact on the state budget by as much as $4.7 million.

Police training covers issues including first aid, CPR, field training, procedural justice, implicit bias and instruction for sexual assault investigators and school resource officers. Courses can also be offered to train instructors on skills they can bring back to their departments, in areas like firearms, defensive tactics and health and wellness.

If approved by the Governor, it will take effect on January 1st, 2019.

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