February 2016 Newsletter

In my opinion, working with our youth is one of the most important aspects of being a State Representative. Often times this might be overlooked because they cannot vote; however it is crucial we, as elected officials, maintain these connections because they are our Commonwealth’s future. It is vitally important that we give our children the best education possible, as well as offer them guidance and direction so they can lead a successful life.

This past Friday, February 12th, I got the chance to participate in Clinton Middle School’s Annual Career Day and it was a privilege to say the least. I was able to speak to the entire 8th grade class about what I do as their State Representative, an attorney, and as a Major in the Army Reserve. Although these roles are all very different, they all revolve around the same idea, which is doing good on a broader basis. This is what I strive for and this is the message I wanted the students to go home with. I would like to thank the amazing 8th graders that were not only great hosts but amazing young leaders!

It was a pleasure speaking as well as learning from these students in my district, as they responded to my presentation with thoughtful questions and comments. I can safely say that our community’s future is in good hands.

Your friend,

Harold P. Naughton, Jr.

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