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It has been a tremendous pleasure to serve as State Representative for the Towns of Clinton, Boylston, Sterling and Northborough, Berlin and Lancaster. From the beginning of my legislative career, I have sought to do good on a broader basis through effectively addressing issues and delivering needed results. From economic expansion to public health oversight, watershed protection to the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, from mental health to veteran advocacy, I have dedicated myself to focusing on critical matters that affect each and every resident in the 12th Worcester District.

By honoring me with the ability to serve, you have allowed me to continue fighting on your behalf. Our work is not yet done. Now is the time to keep moving forward and continue working together to keep our communities thriving so that we can provide the best opportunities for every man, woman, and child.

Throughout my professional career, nothing has made me more proud than to represent the wonderful people of the 12th Worcester District. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to working with you and for you.

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Mass HOUSE: 2017-2018 session that included the passage of several landmark bills

August 24, 2018
OVERVIEW: Over the past two years, the Legislature passed major bills relating to criminal justice, gun safety, those struggling with ... Read More

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From Brad Barker of the Boylston Public Library Board of Trustees:

Storytelling is an integral part of history. Stories teach, they inspire, they motivate, they caution. Stories tell where you have been and where you are and where you hope to go in the future. Through Storytellers we share local preservation stories that can serve to educate and inspire others, and ourselves.

Preservation truly takes a village and successful preservation is about more than an historic building. It is about listening, collaborating and working together for a goal that is more than just bricks and mortar. This month, we feature a success story from Boylston that is about listening to the people, finding a way to make an historic property relevant and delivering goals based upon community needs and desires.

Preservation Massachusetts
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