• Successfully advocated with Department of Transportation for improvement in the dangerous traffic conditions at the intersection of Route 12 and Chocksett Road.
  • Secured over $25 million in state aid for the Wachusett Regional School District.
  • Fought to pass legislation, such as the Economic Development Act that aims to create jobs and invest in the community, ultimately reducing the unemployment rate to 4.7%, a rate below the state average rate of 5.5%.
  • Annually secures state compensation through the PILOT Program executed through the Dept of Conservation and Recreation, which in 2014 returned an approximate $690,000 to Sterling for the use of town owned land in the unfiltered water supply system.
  • Working to strengthen local agricultural businesses for both growers and consumers through necessary funding and development initiatives.
  • Secured financial resources to redesign the town’s Muddy Pond Bridge and redevelop land in the community.
  • Advocated for rehabilitation monies for the Sterling American Legion.
  • Negotiated and procured funding for Waushacum Village sewer and wastewater improvement and upgrades.