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It has been a tremendous pleasure to serve as State Representative for the Towns of Clinton, Boylston, Sterling and Northborough, Berlin and Lancaster. From the beginning of my legislative career, I have sought to do good on a broader basis through effectively addressing issues and delivering needed results. From economic expansion to public health oversight, watershed protection to the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, from mental health to veteran advocacy, I have dedicated myself to focusing on critical matters that affect each and every resident in the 12th Worcester District.

By honoring me with the ability to serve, you have allowed me to continue fighting on your behalf. Our work is not yet done. Now is the time to keep moving forward and continue working together to keep our communities thriving so that we can provide the best opportunities for every man, woman, and child.

Throughout my professional career, nothing has made me more proud than to represent the wonderful people of the 12th Worcester District. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to working with you and for you. 

(Clinton) – The following statement is from State Representative Harold P. Naughton, Jr.:

“This evening, after speaking with representatives from Kinder Morgan, Inc. I am pleased to announce that the Northeast Energy Direct- North Worcester Lateral pipeline project has been revised and will no longer impact our areas. The proposed construction of a natural gas pipeline jeopardized the environmental integrity of conservation lands, private lands, homes, and businesses in Berlin, Boylston, and Northborough. I want to thank the residents of these areas for your input throughout this process. Without your help, this victory for our conservation lands and local environment would not have been possible.”


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